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Top FHA lender In accordance with the “anti-crisis” plan of the Government of the Russian Federation, Resolution No. 220 dated March 13, 2015, established the Rules for Granting Subsidies to Russian Credit Institutions and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending for compensation of lost income for housing (mortgage) loans.

These activities are aimed at supporting citizens who purchase accommodation in the primary housing market, the primary mortgage market, and the construction industry.

Due to the deterioration of the macroeconomic situation, the availability of mortgage lending for the population has decreased. Many market participants have stopped accepting applications for mortgage best fha loan program and have postponed the terms of signing loan agreements. Some participants suspended the issuance of loans or set rates at 20% per annum or more (in 2014 the average rate on mortgage housing loans was 12.5% ​​per annum).

The resolution approves the rules for granting subsidies to Russian credit institutions and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (hereinafter referred to as AHML) for reimbursement of best fha loan income on mortgage loans (loans) issued (acquired). Subsidies will be provided by the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

For these purposes, federal budget funds amounting to 20 billion rubles are provided within the framework of the federal target program “Housing” for 2011-2015 and an “anti-crisis fund“.

As a result of the implementation of this measure, housing (mortgage) loans (loans) for the acquisition of residential premises in the primary market, issued between March 1, 2015, and March 1, 2016, will be provided to citizens at a rate of 13% per annum. Through the stimulation of demand for housing will be supported by the construction industry. This event is also aimed at supporting the implementation of the program “Housing for the Russian family.”

Subsidies will be received by credit organizations with a volume of housing (mortgage) loans of at least 300 million rubles a month. Credit organizations that issue less loans, as well as organizations that issue loans, will participate in these activities through AHML, which will receive subsidies and refinance issued housing (mortgage) loans and loans. The volume of best fha loans for this measure will amount to 400 billion rubles.

The decision is aimed at supporting citizens purchasing residential premises in the primary housing market, the primary mortgage market, and the construction industry.

Mortgage to young families

Mortgage to the young is a kind of social mortgage designed for young families.

There are both a state program and social mortgage programs for young families, introduced in individual banks.

The federal program for young families

Federal support is provided within the state target program “Housing”, the subprogram is officially called “Provision of housing for young families.” It is designed for young people, that is, for those families where each member is less than 35 years old. In order to use the program, it is necessary to stand in line for the improvement of living conditions.

The size of the subsidy varies and depends on the cost of housing in the region. For example, in Moscow for two, the allocation of 48 sq. M. meters, if there are no children, and if there is – 18 square meters. meters per person.