Top 5 Brands that Make the Best Pool Cues in 2018

pool stick top brands 2018

Online stores are brimming over with thousands of pool cues for sale and for a novice shopper, this number can be quite overwhelming. To help you save time we did our own research and narrowed down the search to include only the top manufacturers who have been in the industry for years.

Best Pool Cue Sticks to Choose From this Year

Action is perhaps the most popular brand you will see in the market today due to the wide array of pool cues and pool accessories to choose from. Their pool cues are almost always in every online pool store you can find but for a good reason. Action is best known for its consistency in providing the market with quality pool cues at very reasonable prices.

Elite, on the other hand, is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality cues with elegant design. Over the years they have focused on crafting cues that are a perfect embodiment of simplicity and beauty. It doesn’t end with the looks though. The Elite Heavy 27oz Banned Break Cue, for instance, is so designed for breaking with a seamlessly fixed Irish linen wrap that allows for maximum comfort and controllability.

Elite Pool Cues are made of high-quality wood with the lowest possibility of warpage, so if you take good care of your cue by not exposing it to extreme temperatures and moisture, you should be able to keep your cue for a very long time.

If there is one reason Predator is one of the best pool cue manufacturers in the market today, it is its dedication to research and innovation. They never seem to stop looking for ways to serve their customers better. One of their popular designs is their low deflection shafts. Performance cues with low deflection shafts enable players to gain more control of the cue ball, thereby giving them a better chance at winning in tournaments or even in friendly games at home.

Although high-end Predator cues can be a little expensive, they often come with an incredibly big manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Check out the Predator 314 low deflection shaft or the carbon-composite REVO shaft. Satisfied customers agree that these are the right pool cues for serious pool players.

McDermott, the maker of the world’s most expensive fantasy pool cue, The Intimidator, has been in the pool cue manufacturing business since the 1970s and prides itself in its dedication to high industry standards and innovation. The McDermott Pool Cues and shafts, for instance, are backed with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and warpage. That alone is enough to ensure you are getting all your money’s worth.

Founded by ACA Hall of Famer Dan Janes, Joss Cues has been making high-performance cues and shafts since the 1960s and takes this business seriously. They are known for their cues’ superior design and playability.  For Janes and his son Joe, cue making is a family business and they have gone beyond simply making quality pool cues and accessories; they grew into a world-famous company that takes good care of its customers by providing only the best products.

by: Lorenza