FHA Loan Assumption Guidelines

What is a Mortgage Assumption?

What are the FHA loan assumption requirements? But before getting into the details about FHA assumption, let’s understand the term “loan assumption.” It is a process in which the person obtains the ownership in the real property. He accepts the responsibility of payments, terms, and obligations of the other person’s mortgage loan. Well, FHA mortgage is to help people in buying homes when they do not have money to put down as down payment. FHA loan assumption requirements are not complicated at all.  In this article, we will know about the guidelines for assuming an FHA loan that includes:

  • Property requirements
  • Loan amount requirements
  • Borrower requirements
  • Mortgage requirements
  • And the documentation required

FHA loan assumption process:

People living in the United States know about the FHA loan as it has made much low income earning Americans the homeowners. It is a part of the housing and urban development department programme and was started with the aim to help people buy homes when they have low income and credit scores. It is a scheme only for the residents of United States who succeed in fulfilling certain requirements provided by the federal housing administration.

Now it is time to check each step involved in the FHA loan assumption process:

mortgage application

  • Property requirement:


It is highly important to know that FHA loans are not available on every type of property. Yes, you heard it right. To qualify for FHA loan assumption the borrower must:

    • A multi-family property up to 4 units
    • A single family home

The homes manufactured homes, and condominiums, etc. are included in the FHA home mortgage. The FHA does not ensure the mortgage on income and investment properties. FHA is only for those who are buying a house for primary residence. For FHA mortgage assumption the house must be occupied by the borrower after the completion of the transaction.


  • Loan amount requirements:


The amount you want to receive also plays a significant role in deciding whether you are qualified for FHA loan or not.  The limitations of the amount in An FHA home loan vary from state to state and country to country.


  • Borrower requirements:


The applicant must have to fulfill all the requirements stated by FHA to qualify for an FHA loan. For example, he must be a citizen of America, has a steady employment history, etc. The borrower must have a good credit history two years after coming out of bankruptcy or foreclosure. Credit score of 580 or higher is required for 3.5% down payment, and a credit score of less than 580 is needed for 10% down payment.


  • Mortgage requirements:


All FHA loans must be insured. The latest FHA loan insurance rate is 2.25%. The insurance is to save the lender from the loss that usually occurs when the borrower fails to repay the loan due to any reason.


  • Documentation required:


It is pretty apparent that the borrower has to provide necessary documents to apply for an FHA home loan. These documents include:

  • Two years of complete tax returns
  • Two years of comprehensive tax schedules
  • Most recent paystubs
  • Most recent statements from retirements
  • Three months complete bank statements
  • 401K accounts
  • Stock
  • Mutual funds

The borrower must also furnish the latest credit card billing statements. He also has to provide the contact information for their current landlord. Driving license, social security number is also essential to provide.

FHA mortgage assumption:

The lender will check that the borrower has fulfilled all the guidelines set by the federal housing administration. He will also check the creditworthiness of the person who is going to take the ownership of the house (the assumptor). It means that he also has to follow the guidelines given by FHA.  The assumptor also has to pay a fee for the assumption. The process of applying for the assumption is similar to applying for refinancing. The lender after evaluating everything will decide that whether the assumptor is eligible to take the ownership of the house or not. There is the transfer of certain obligations, so the lender must be clear about the FHA loan assumption requirements.

By: Karissa